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Softball Pitching Drills and Tips For Beginners

Fastpitch softball pitchers are required to accurately throw a ball at high speed at a small target. It requires a precise combination of explosive violence and accuracy. The pitcher has to instinctively know how fast to swing her arm, when to release the ball and what spin needs to be put on the ball to get the intended movement. Basic softball pitching drills will teach a new pitcher the windmill motion and the correct body positioning.

The only way to learn the mechanics is through repeating them over and over again until they become automatic. A pitcher doesn't truly move into the intermediate or advanced stages until the pitching mechanic is so ingrained that they can consistently throw a fastball strike without having to focus on mechanics. This allows the pitcher to focus on other aspects of the pitch including spin put on the ball and location of the pitch. A pitcher who doesn't have a firm grasp of the basic mechanics will struggle to learn advanced pitches.

Softball Pitching Fundamentals: Mechanics and Muscle Memory
Save yourself a lot of time and heartache by learning mechanics correctly from the get-go. This article is a must-read for new pitchers and their coaches.

Softball Pitching Tips for Beginners - 5 Steps to Get Started Pitching
5 simple steps to success for the beginning pitcher. Start with the mechanics and master them before moving on to more advanced techniques.

When to Get Pitching Lessons
Taking lessons can help a beginning pitcher step her game up to the next level. Ask yourself these questions before seeking out a pitching coach.

Learning Your First Pitch - The Fastball
The fastball should be the first pitch learned by any new pitcher. Most softball pitchers start with the 4-seam fastball.

The Different Softball Pitches: Drop Ball, Rise Ball, Changeup, Curve and Screw Ball
There are a lot of pitches a softball pitcher can add to her arsenal. Here are the most common.

Beginner Softball Pitching Drills: The Wall Pitch
The wall pitch is a beginner softball pitching drill that can be used to help a nervous pitcher focus on her mechanics.

Tips to Help You Become the Best Softball Pitcher You Can Be
There are some common mistakes young pitchers make that prevent them from becoming the best softball pitcher they can be. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.

Check back often for more softball pitching drills.

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